We are a global broad based Textile Company head quartered in Keqiao (Shaoxing), China, with operations in India and Canada. as well.

What We Do

Our manufacturing facilities in Keqiao, China and in Panipat, India are fully geared up to manufacture some of the most creative, innovative, and Eco-friendly Home Furnishing Fabric, Made-upsHome Utility & Decorative Products, and Apparel Fabric for Men & Women.  We are also in close manufacturing association with some of the leading manufacturers in China and India for marketing textile products, which are from the product segment of our core strength, but which are not in our own manufacturing line of products.

Our Standards

Our comprehensive line of products addresses important needs from retail chains to whole sellers and distributors to manufacturing factories requiring smooth supply of their requirements in order to optimize their profits. We fully understand the value of timely shipments and ensure that the right products are supplied to our valued customers at the right price and with the Q.C. standards befitting their requirements.

Our Capabilities

We have constantly been driven by a goal: to advance our technical knowledge, our commercial knowledge, and our global reach to help our customers achieve better and better sales growth year after year. We are fully committed to broadening our understanding of the local sensibilities in all our products and plans, and ensuring that the same philosophy inspires our people and strengthens M-tex Global's efforts to benefit the customers.



WE LIKE BEING SIMPLE and we like simplicity in our ideas. Simple ideas help us accomplish big tasks and overcome challenges.


SPEED IS THE ESSENCE OF EVERYTHING WE DO. We do plan and use numbers and data to make informed decisions. But we do not get into exaggerated planning or over-analyse things. We do not like slow down or stop.


WE LIKE TO LEARN WHILE WE EXECUTE. And to learn, we have to take risks. We may make mistakes in the process but we keep learning from our mistakes, we never repeat them.


WE BELIEVE THAT CUSTOMERS ARE ALWAYS RIGHT. Customers are the reason we are in business and we learn the most from them. We actively watch them and try to understand their articulated as well as unarticulated needs. And, we like to offer them products and services even before they express their need.


WE BELIEVE IN OURSELVES. We believe in our organization’s ability to think differently and thereby achieve what many others think impossible. We like to foster a culture of innovation. We like to use both sides of the brain – the creative as well as the analytical side.






WE DO NOT LIKE TO BLAME OTHERS OR EXTERNAL FACTORS. When faced with roadblocks, we like to introspect and find out whether the problem is with our organizational design, our human dynamics or our processes. Our efficiency depends on our persistent will to improve.


WE LIKE TO THINK POSITIVELY IN EVERY SITUATION. We like to believe that there is always a promise hidden behind each adverse scenario. We want to take advantage of every situation, Whether it looks bad or good.  We believe that the future will always be brighter than today.


WE LIKE BUILDING AND NURTURING RELATIONSHIPS with everyone who comes in touch with us. We like to grow with our partners. We like to grow with the society and community we operate in.